By bartlett-weigle | 06/27/19

According to NPR Morning Edition, the Trump administration wants to scale back a program that protects undocumented family members of active duty troops from being deported. The attorneys are racing to submit applications for what is known as parole in place after hearing from the wives and loved ones of deployed soldiers who’ve been told that this program is “being terminated.”

The program the Trump administration wants to curtail does not protect all immigrants facing removal proceedings from being deported. It specifically allows military family members who have come to the country illegally to stay in the U.S. temporarily. The original objective of the policy was to minimize disruption to the life of a soldier, sailor, airman or Marine whose family member might have been subject to deportation. Parole in place enables a soldier serving in Afghanistan, for instance, not to worry that a spouse at home who entered the U.S. illegally might be thrown out of the country while the soldier is deployed.

If you think you are eligible for parole in place, please do not wait and contact our office ASAP to schedule a consultation.

By Anna A. Korneeva, Esq.

Image credit armymwr.com