From El Salvador and don’t know what to do now? Not all hope is lost!

By bartlett-weigle | 01/10/18

 Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

The current administration announced Monday January 8, 2018 they are ending TPS (Temporary Protected Status) for El Salvadorians. TPS has been in place for qualifying individuals since the devastating earthquakes El Salvador had to endure in 2001. The program will run until its new deadline, September 2019, after that Salvadorians no longer have permission to stay in the country and will revert to their previous immigration status. The determination forces thousands of families to face the choice of leaving the Unites States after living and working here for many years or remaining in the U.S. without status, not an easy decision.

But not all hope is lost for those affected by this announcement, as there are other potential avenues you could explore to stay in the US legally. Every case is different and will depend of many factors such as criminal history, immigration history, and family relationships in the U.S.
At Bartlett & Weigle we are aware of the burden this administration’s decision has caused the Salvadorian community in the Tri-State area and we are prepared to answer all your concerns by implementing free consultation to those facing this issue.

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