Experienced Divorce & Family Team

Bartlett & Weigle offer a wide range of skills including thorough management of complex divorce cases as well as sensitive representation in emotionally charged custody proceedings.

Research shows that almost 50 percent of marriages in the U.S. end in divorce. The prospect of divorce initiates a wide range of emotions and can be traumatic for most individuals. You are suddenly faced with decisions that will affect your life to come including the role you play in your children’s lives. Hiring a divorce lawyer early in the process can ease some worries and may even help resolve your case quicker.

A marriage can end in Ohio through an action for divorce or dissolution. In Ohio, you can use either fault or no-fault grounds as the basis for seeking a divorce. The divorce process is mostly used when the parties are unable to reach an agreement on the terms of ending the marriage including decisions on parenting time, financial issues and property issues. The dissolution process is used when the parties are in agreement with all terms of ending their marriage.

A marriage ends in Kentucky through an action for divorce regardless if the parties have reached an agreement on the terms of ending the marriage or not. Kentucky is a “no fault” divorce state, the only grounds for divorce are irreconcilable differences.

At the Law Offices of Bartlett & Weigle, we offer caring counsel to our clients while providing high level negotiation skills and assertive representation. We have the knowledge and experience in navigating the Ohio and Kentucky court systems.

Our clients with child custody and visitation issues are loving and caring parents who just want to do what is best for their children. However, simply discussing what is in the best interests of the children can be a contentious and sensitive matter when involving the other parent. We can offer you competent, aggressive, and compassionate representation in all aspects of your child custody and visitation matter.

At the Law Offices of Bartlett & Weigle, we have guided our clients through productive negotiations as well as judicial determinations of custody and visitation rights for unmarried parents. You can be assured we vigorously advocate for the best interest of your children.

We represent both, men and women throughout the greater Cincinnati area in the establishing and negotiating of child support agreements as well as modifying prior child support orders. Our family law attorney team can handle your case from start to finish and make sure that no detail is overlooked. We believe these issues are simply too important to be handled in any other way.