Mr. Bartlett was determined to take the challenge and straighten things out for us

“I am pleased to inform the public of my experience with Mr. William Bartlett of Bartlett
& Weigle. In 2001 I went in search for what my wife and I called a good attorney. We needed a good one because of an ongoing experience that would not materialize nor, it just wasn’t getting anywhere. I was working on my path to become an American citizen and new cases like mine required someone who knew the laws, especially Immigration law.
My wife and I decided to ask around and searched in the newspapers, books and any form of media that would lead us to an attorney who would get the work done and at a cost that we could afford.
We kept coming back to the name Bartlett & Weigle. We agreed that this must be the one. We turned up for our appointment at the office of Bartlett & Weigle and was greeted warmly by his staff. Meeting Mr. Bartlett for the first time was a pleasure. He listen to our story and went to work right away. My story was very unusual especially in the Cincinnati area, nevertheless Mr. Bartlett was determined to take the challenge and straighten things out for us. As we would jokingly put it “clean me up”. Yes it was a mess. Mr. Bartlett found things that we knew nothing of as our former attorneys weren’t doing things right. They were only in it for the money.
Mr. Bartlett took the case and with his vast amount of knowledge and experience in the immigration arena wasted no time and soon we could see results. Today I can proudly vote as an American citizen and is very thankful to Mr. Bartlett and his knowledgeable staff. They are the best in the city and led by the best.
Whenever I am asked if I know of a good attorney I wasted no time, I would recommend Mr. William Bartlett of Bartlett and Weigle.”

Glen Bell

He will get it done

“I first came to Bartlett & Weigle for Immigration and Business consultant. I’ve been working with Bill and his team for almost 10 years now. I’m very pleased with the performance, support, professionalism of Bill and his team. He often told me that he is not the cheapest in town, but he will get it done which he did it perfectly. I wouldn’t have what I accomplished today without his help. Thank you”

Ruj Jiradamkerng

He is the kind of lawyer I will always recommend

“I’ve known Attorney Justin Bartlett for 10 years or more. He has been in service to the Cincinnati Tri state area with care, respect, and great customer service. He cares genuinely for his clients and goes beyond his duties to give them the best representation they can get. A desire not only to make sure his clients are understanding and getting the best representation but also making sure the communities he serves are also striving to be better. He is the kind of lawyer I will always recommend”

Pastor Josh Colon

They are very knowledgeable, professional, and get great results

“I want to share my great experience with Attorney Matthew Benson and the staff of Bartlett & Weigle. When I came to Mr. Benson a couple years ago, my situation looked very bleak, as I was facing an almost certain deportation due to an outstanding removal order against me. This would have meant leaving my wife, our young daughter and everything I have worked so hard for in the U.S. behind. Mr. Benson was able to persuade the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) Counsel to agree to reopen my removal proceedings so that I could seek lawful permanent resident status in the U.S. without leaving my family. I am now a lawful permanent resident of this great country and look forward to becoming a U.S. Citizen and I owe it to the hard work of Mr. Benson. I highly recommend him and the law firm of Bartlett & Weigle. They are very knowledgeable, professional, and get great results!”

E. E.

Went out of his way to meet our needs

“We had a wonderful experience with Attorney Matt Benson! He genuinely cared about our case and went out of his way to meet our needs. He was professional, informative, knowledgeable, and he always responded to our questions quickly and thoroughly. We highly recommend Attorney Matt Benson!”

A & K

A great humanitarian, cares about his clients, and is always willing to lend a hand

“I have known attorney Doug Weigle for over 9 years. He is very considerate and professional at all times. Doug Weigle goes above and beyond and is accessible even on the weekends. I am very grateful for his accessibility, which is rare for the industry. When I have needed help on the weekend, he has answered and given me guidance on legal matters. He is very knowledgeable on the topic of immigration, and has helped the Hispanic community by lending his time to answer questions and give guidance. I am personally thankful for the wonderful legal assistance he provides for my 4 godchildren; he has been instrumental in ensuring a good quality of life for them. He is a great humanitarian who cares about his clients and is always willing to lend a hand. I am fortunate to have his guidance and I recommend him with confidence. “
Yolanda Gonzalez Tanner

(After we won her husband’s deportation case)
“God sent us to Mr. Weigle”

Mary Petkiewytsch

We consider this law firm part of our family

“Thank you, Michelle Flanigan for making our family complete! You helped us every step of the way with our adoption of John. We can never thank you enough. We know we have a true friend in you, because you are part of our family in our heart. We love you and love that beautiful smile of yours. We consider this law firm part of our family. Thank you so much for completely helping us out in our ordeal. Blessings always”

María A Escalon