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Justin has played a major role in developing our Criminal Law practice, but he did not always want to become an attorney. He earned a degree in Business Administration from Butler University. Following graduation, he discovered that he was interested in his father’s profession and enrolled in the Salmon P. Chase College of Law.

Justin served as a public defender in Marion County for three years while living in Indiana. After learning of the high demand for criminal attorneys in the Cincinnati area, he decided to come back and be part of his father’s firm. He and his family moved back to Cincinnati in 2008. He has been married for over 14 years to his wife Lindsey and has two sons, Finley and Tate.

Since he began working at Bartlett & Weigle, he believes that nothing prepares you to be an attorney better than actual experience. Every year he manages hundreds of criminal cases ranging from the highest federal and state felonies to the smallest of traffic misdemeanors. As a result, he has grown personally and professionally as an attorney.

Working as an attorney in the Tri-State area has helped him to truly understand what it means to be part of a community. For Justin, giving back to his community is a priority. He sponsors several local soccer leagues and supports many area churches in the Cincinnati area.

Admitted to bar, 2005, Indiana; 2007, Ohio.

Butler University (B.S. 2000), Salmon P. Chase College of Law (J.D. 2004).


  • Member of the American Bar Association
  • Indiana Bar Association
  • Indiana Public Defender Agency, 2005-2007
  • Ohio Criminal Defense Association
  • Cincinnati Bar Association

Honors & Awards
Super Lawyer, 2016.

Misdemeanors and Traffic Tickets, Violations, Infractions or Offences

A misdemeanor is a criminal offense that is less serious than a felony and more serious than an infraction. Misdemeanors are generally punishable by a fine and incarceration in a local county jail, unlike infractions which impose no jail time. Many jurisdictions separate misdemeanors into different classes starting with the highest possible punishment of 180 days in jail or $1000 in fines to the lowest; no days in jail and $150 in fines.

Petty misdemeanors usually contemplate a jail sentence of less than six months and a fine of $500 or less.


If you are charged with a felony crime or are under investigation, it is critical that you contact an attorney as soon as possible. Our attorneys are familiar with felony case law and take the time to ensure that you understand the specific charges and potential repercussions. Facing a felony court case can be overwhelming, but we walk you through the process and help you make legal decisions that are in your best interest

Many theft charges are felonies and serious offenses which are punishable by more than one year of incarceration. In general, theft crimes involving a threat or use of force and/or a weapon, are considered felony offenses. In addition to serving prison time upon conviction of a theft crime, you may also be required to pay a fine, serve a probation or parole term, or perform community service. Given the severity of these charges and possible consequences, it’s best to secure experienced attorneys.

Many white-collar crimes are felonies and carry lengthy prison sentences. In addition, employers routinely conduct background checks on prospective employees. A felony conviction for fraud, embezzlement or any other white-collar crime makes it nearly impossible for you to get a job upon your release. We use our expertise to create the right strategy and increase your chances for the most optimal outcome.


In every state a OVI, DUI or DWI is considered a serious crime. If convicted, you can expect significant consequences such as fines, court costs, jail time, loss of work and loss of driving privileges. An OVI, DUI or DWI means driving while intoxicated (alcohol and/or certain drugs), and being intoxicated impairs your ability to safely operate vehicles. Although OVI, DUI and DWI are the most encountered offense in courts, it is often difficult to defend. Over the years DWI laws have become stricter and with fewer exceptions. In addition, devices to test blood alcohol and assess OVI, DUI and DWI have become more sophisticated and more accurate. Our experienced attorneys know how to navigate the legal system. We can help you from the time of your arrest to the end of your hearing or trial and make sure you get the best possible outcome.

Controlled Substances

Criminal drug charges are complex so it’s important to seek representation as soon as possible. Drug charges such as delivery or distribution are often prosecuted in federal court and may carry mandatory prison sentences. Even a first-time conviction for simple possession can leave you with expensive fines, prison time and long-term negative consequences on your life. We have an experienced team to walk you through the legal process and help you make educated decisions along the way.


A criminal weapons charge requires experienced representation. Convictions for a criminal weapons charge can have strong penalties including large fines, probation, and jail or prison time. If you are facing criminal weapons charges, it is extremely important to get help from a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. The earlier we can begin working for you, the better your chances are for the most optimal outcome. We know how to provide a defense for these complex charges and we’re prepared to negotiate on your behalf or take your case to trial if no other options are available.




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