Venezuela for Temporary Protected Status for 18 Months

By bartlett-weigle | 03/09/21

Bartlett & Weigle is happy to announce that yesterday, Monday March 8, 2021, the Department of Homeland Security announced the designation of Venezuela for a Temporary Protected Status (TPS).

The TPS benefit also grants eligible Venezuelans a valid employment authorization for the same period of validity of TPS protection, a document that will open the doors to obtain a driver’s license.

During the term of the protection, those granted TPS cannot be deported, unless they commit crimes that make them deportable from the United States.

TPS protects Venezuelans who are physically present in the United States on or before March 9, 2021 and do not have a disqualifying criminal record. Those who enter the United States after that date do not qualify for TPS.

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More at: Department of Homeland Security




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